Everyone has a passion, whether its promoting environmental sustainability, advocating for human rights, or speaking up for mental health, just to name a few. It’s something that intrigues you, something that keeps you up at night, something you care so much about that you just want to… well, what can you do? You’re only one person, the world is a big place, and really, what difference can you make?

There are many change-backers in this world, but few change-makers. It is easy to be a change-backer and proclaim your passion for a cause, however, there is no commitment for action. Far too often, it is because youth doubt their potential to make a tangible difference.

These are the doubts lingering inside your head that kill your potential; artificial barriers that restrict your ability to create positive change. These are the doubts that prevent you from moving from passion to action.

Change Backer to Change MakerIn order to move from passion to action, you must shift from being a change-backer to a change-maker. A change-maker is someone who uses their skills and talents to create positive change on issues they are passionate about. Change-makers not only talk about the challenge at hand, but talk about what they are doing to tackle it. Change-makers inspire others to take action too.

Regardless of how passionate you are about a cause, however, it can be difficult to determine how you can make a tangible and meaningful difference. But, everyone offers unique skills and talents – from public speaking skills, to artistic talents, to a knack for video editing, to a business-savvy mind. Harness this potential, apply it to an issue you are passionate about, and that is how you will move from a change-backer to a change-maker – from passion to action.

Youth may be the leaders of tomorrow, but that does not mean that you can’t take action today.

Together we will change the world, and it starts with you – it starts with youth.