As SaskTel’s YOUTHnetwork Coordinator in Human Resources, Lyndsey is devoted to Saskatchewan youth and assists them in achieving their goals in education, employment and in their community. SaskTel’s YOUTHnetwork provides a variety of programs that are intended to engage youth with SaskTel, specifically high school students, and provide them with meaningful opportunities.

Lyndsey connects with the youth of this province in numerous ways, helping to promote SaskTel as an employer of choice and build strong relationships with the next generation of SaskTel employees. They will be key contributors to SaskTel’s success as an organization tomorrow and well into the future.

Some of the projects Lyndsey is responsible for include the SaskTel Mentorship program, the high school Summer Hire program, SaskTel scholarships and the I Am Stronger bullying prevention program, which is an initiative designed to influence the change needed to stop bullying and cyber-bullying in our schools and communities.

One of the most significant moments to date for Lyndsey was travelling to Arusha, Tanzania to provide guidance and support to vulnerable youth.

Lyndsey graduated with a Business Administration degree from the University of Regina in 2007 and has been happily employed at SaskTel since 2005.