Shannon Fayant is a proud Indigenous woman who is currently the Principal of Johnson Collegiate. Shannon has been an educator for over 22 years. She received her Bachelor of Education through the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teaching Education Program in Regina. She had a goal to complete her Masters of Education before the age of 30 which she accomplished. Shannon is passionate about infusing the curriculum with Indigenous ways of being and knowing while promoting student achievement. Shannon knows the value of completing Grade 12 and continuing to further educate yourself. She believes the only limits one has is the limits you put on yourself. As students journey through the education system she is an advocate of discovering, affirming and advocating your identity. Your identity will ground you in all the interactions you will undertake in education, in society and influence your life experiences. Celebrate who you are, believe in your own abilities, surround yourself with those who celebrate you, invest in helping your community and remember to keep active. An active body, promotes an active mind and a positive self-image. One of her greatest accomplishments was assisting teachers, parents, students and community re-create Scott Collegiate in the mamaweyatitan centre. This was a project that she committed years of her time to create and yet it was some of the best work she has so far. So when you enjoy what you do it never feels like work. She continues to maintain her passion as working with youth is her greatest joy. Listening to students and creating change to make education more relevant and engaging for them to experience. So her hope is that everyone finds joy in their life while learning to educate themselves through reconciliation. We are all in this together. Lead from your heart.