Leadership Development

We’re committed to empowering the ‘Leaders of the Future’, and as a member of our team, that includes you, too. 

Give Back to the Community

Empowering young leaders is one of the most meaningful ways to give back and support the community. 

Be Part of Something Big

Working together, even the smallest contributions support an important cause and make a meaningful impact. 

Join the passion2action Team

passion2action is a grassroots non-profit organization that develops programming, organizes events, and empowers young people throughout Saskatchewan because of a team of passionate and dedicated young leaders committed to making a difference. 

We’re looking for young leaders with a wide variety of skills and experiences to join our leadership team and help grow passion2action. 

Community Connections

Develop meaningful relationships with our many community partners, from local musicians to Indigenous elders.

Transferable Skills Development

Further develop existing skill sets and gain new skills transferable to the workplace and beyond.

Help Grow a Non-Profit

passion2action is a relatively new organization with a vision that we need your help to realize.

Our Team needs Young Leaders with a Wide Variety of Skills & Experiences

We’re building a team that can leverage our individual skills, talents, and experiences to support our various events and projects, all while teaching and learning from one another.

Some of the specific skills and experiences we’re looking for include:

 Graphic Design
Marketing / Communications
Curriculum Development
Event Planning
Workshop Facilitation
Photo & Video 

Ready to Get Started?


As a youth-led organization, we’re looking to build our leadership team with a diverse group of folks, all of whom:  

▶︎ Are passionate about empowering young people and making a difference in the local community 

▶︎ Are between the ages of 14 and 26

▶︎ Are currently residing in (or have connections back to) Saskatchewan 

▶︎ Are willing to commit time and effort towards passion2action projects 

Meet the eligibility requirements? Click on the ‘ Application Info ‘ tab to review our expectations for your brief written application. 

Don’t meet the eligibility requirements? Learn more about other opportunities to get involved with passion2action as an educator, partner organization, sponsor, or community member  here . 

Application Information

As an organization, we aim to avoid cookie-cutter roles, instead trying to create personalized opportunities for young people to both leverage existing skills and grow as leaders. Our application process reflects this focus and is designed simply to get to know you better. 

We ask that all applicants submit a brief written application consisting of a Letter of Intent. It does not need to be long — most are only around one page single-spaced — but your Letter of Intent should outline the following: 

▶︎ Why you’re interested in getting involved with passion2action 

▶︎ What you’re passionate about 

▶︎ What skills and experiences you would bring to the passion2action Team 

▶︎ Any other relevant information about your education, previous experiences or achievements, or personal goals 

That’s it! Make sure that you include your full name and email address in your Letter of Intent, then simply email your application to < onboarding@passion2action.ca > with the subject line “Join the p2a Team: <Your Name>”. 

Next Steps

After submitting your application via email, expect to hear from a member of our team within a couple days. 

We’ll then schedule a video call to connect with you and learn more about your passions, the skills you could bring to the passion2action Team, and why you’re interested in getting involved. 

Don’t worry — the whole process is quite informal and is focused on getting to know you better and finding the best place for you on the passion2action Team. 

Questions or concerns? Feel free to get in touch with us via email: < onboarding@passion2action.ca >