Mission Statement

To empower Saskatchewan’s youth with the skills, resources, and opportunities they need to take action on the causes for which they are passionate.

Let’s Break Down our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple, but it guides everything that we do as an organization.

It is both our ‘Why Statement’ that affirms why passion2action exists, and our ‘Goal Statement’ that helps us to measure our impact.

“EMPOWEr SasK youth”

We’re dedicated to encouraging and supporting youth leadership right here at home, in Saskatchewan.

“With Skills”

We focus on skill development to help young people build a comprehensive leadership toolkit to draw upon.

“With resources”

We work with our partners to make resources available for young people and remove barriers to their action.

“With Opportunities” 

We strive to create platforms for youth to connect with other passionate leaders and pursue their ideas.

“TO take action”

We recognize that our ‘leaders of the future’ are capable of great things today and work to support their initiative.

“Causes they are passionate about”

We encourage youth to explore different causes and take action on whatever they are passionate about.