passion2action has always called educators the real heroes of youth empowerment.

In your classrooms and in your schools, you’re on the frontlines with the potential to inspire and engage young people each and every day, but over the past few months, you’ve proven to be heroes in so many other ways.

The pandemic has drastically changed almost every aspect of teaching. You’ve been forced to comply with ever-changing public health guidelines and work within a school environment that feels unlike anything we’ve enjoyed before. Yet, with every obstacle thrown your way, you’ve risen to the challenge with a relentless determination to support your students. 

As this crazy year draws to a close, all of us at passion2action want to say THANK-YOU. 

Thank you for sharing a smile with your students, for spreading joy and positivity and for facing each day with a brave face. 

Thank you for being a role model for your students, for showing courage and dedication and for teaching your students that persevering when faced with a challenge only makes you stronger. 

Thank you for recognizing the potential of your students, for encouraging them to be active members of their communities and for empowering them to grow as leaders and as people. 

Our team is expanding and working hard to develop new programs to support young people, prepare new toolkits for educators, and adapt our signature INSPIRE event to the times. We’ll be ready to support you and your students whenever we come out on the other side of this temporary obstacle. 

Today and every day, we’re sending gratitude, joy, and compassion your way!

The passion2action Team