This morning, we gathered together for passion2action INSPIRE 2023. Hundreds of schools throughout Saskatchewan registered to join in the celebration via our livestream broadcast and our team was so excited to share the event with your students. 

It quickly came to our attention that the livestream broadcast was not working. The video technicians at the Conexus Arts Centre – responsible for facilitating the livestream – had encountered internet connectivity issues and from our understanding, this prompted a number of further technical challenges. 

Adapting to the situation, our team worked to communicate the status with you over social media. I apologize for not being able to reply to your emails during the event. 

After the event, the Conexus Arts Centre staff informed us that not only did the livestream broadcast not work, but they did not capture a recording of the event. 

Our team is devastated. The INSPIRE celebration is organized by a volunteer team of young people and we worked so hard to put this event together. We were so excited to share all of the inspiring stories and performances with your students. 

We are sorry for letting you and your students down. 

In registering for the event, you placed your trust in us to deliver an inspiring and empowering experience for your students. We are sorry that you had to adjust your plans this morning when you had planned to tune in for INSPIRE. 

We are sorry that we do not even have a recording of the event to share with you. We wish we could rewind and do it all over again, but this misfortune was completely out of our control. The Conexus Arts Centre has never encountered an issue like this with all of the livestreams they have facilitated over the past few years. 

As we come to terms with this terribly disappointing situation, our team is going to piece together what we can to share with you in the coming weeks. More to follow. 

For now, we are left feeling disappointed and are truly sorry. 

— Jonah, on behalf of Team INSPIRE